Create your own pieces with bottle caps, coins, and other fun small things you can find!


Use a single dice you have around the house, or download a free dice app like THIS.


Each player rolls the dice. Whoever has the highest number goes first! 


Roll the dice and move the number of spaces indicated. Refer to the game tile descriptions below as you go!

Let's Get Drunktastic!
  • 2 Truths & A Lie

    Player says three statements about themselves. Two of these statements must be facts, or "truths," and one must be a lie. The other players then try to guess which statement is the lie! If they get it right the player drinks, if they don’t, they DRINK!

  • Flip Cup

    Split into two teams! Players must, in turn, drain their cups and then "flip" the cup so that it lands face-down on the table. If the cup falls off the table, they must keep trying until they complete the flip! 

  • Time to Rhyme

    Player who lands on the tile starts! Say a word, then go around in a circle and players must say a rhyming word. If a player can’t think of anything, repeats a word, or says a word that doesn’t rhyme, they DRINK!  

  • Categories

    Player names a category. The person next to them will start by coming up with one part of the category, then the next person will go, and it continues until one person gets stuck and can't think of anything. They DRINK!

  • Blondes Have More Fun!

    It's true...they do! Whenever a player lands on this tile, all players with blonde locks...DRINK!

  • Shotgun Race

    Grab a beer! Punch a hole in the side with a key, get ready, flip the tab, and CHUG! Whoever finishes last loses!

  • Never Have I Ever

    Hold up 5 fingers! Players take turns asking other players about things they have not done. Other players who have done this thing respond by putting a finger down. Whoever has done everything and all their fingers are down. CHUGS!

  • 3 Question Hot Seat

    Get ready! Rapid-fire questions coming at whoever landed on this tile. Answer quick and answer honestly. No “UH’s” allowed. If you don’t answer, DRINK! 

  • VROOM!

    Player starts the tag by pointing with their thumbs at the person beside them and says "Vroom!". The person tagged then can either continue by tagging the person beside them in the same manner, or they can change the direction by making a screeching noise.

    The faster you go the harder it is! Whoever messes up, DRINKS!

  • Quarters

    Players attempt to bounce a quarter or similar-size coin off the table into a cup, shot glass, or dish. Whoever is the last to succeed, CHUGS! 

  • Cat Owners

    MEOW! We've got kitties in the house! Everyone who has a cat...DRINK!

  • Buddy Shot

    Grab a buddy! Player and a fellow player each take a shot!

  • Thumb War

    Player who lands on the tile challenges a fellow player! Whoever can pin the other’s thumb for a count of three wins! Loser has to DRINK!

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Player who lands on the tile challenges a fellow player. Start by saying, “rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” On “shoot,” each player holds out their fist for rock, flat hand for paper, or their index and middle finger for scissors. Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock. Best out of three! Whoever loses, DRINKS!

  • Heaven

    Everyone points upward toward the ceiling (heaven), and the person who does it last has to DRINK!

  • Question Master

    If a player lands on this tile, they are the "Question Master"! The Question Master must ask another player a question. That player must respond to another player in the form of another question...and so on. If a player responds with anything other than a question or fails to respond at all, he or she has to DRINK!

  • F*ck, Marry, Kill

    Player receives three names chosen by the group. The names are people they know or it could be celebrities! Then the player must choose which of those three they would f*ck, marry, and kill.

  • Make A Rule

    Make a rule that everyone has to do before they drink.  (Ex: clap, meow, snap, etc) If they forget, they have to drink twice! The rule is in effect until another player lands on another make a rule tile!

  • Dog Owners

    Who let the dog's out?! All dog owners...time to sip up!

  • Nose Goes

    Everyone puts their finger on their nose, and the person who does it last has to DRINK!

  • Staring Contest

    Player who lands the tile challenges a fellow player. Stare, stare, STARE! Whoever blinks first, DRINKS!

  • Tribal Council

    Everyone votes for someone to DRINK.

  • Jail

    Player who lands on this tile is stuck until they either tell a story about when you got arrested in real life or CHUG for 10 seconds!

  • Truth or Dare

    Player who lands on the tile is given the choice between answering a question truthfully or performing a dare. 

  • Drink Up!

    First player to land on the final tile, wins! All other players must race to finish their drinks so as not to come in last place! Who's feeling "Drunktastic"?